Top 4 Superfoods To Reduce Your Cholesterol

If you want an extra bit of help to lower your cholesterol naturally then check these out, they could just be the answer you are looking for.


belongs to the green tea family and used as a concentrated powder instead of dried leaves in your smoothie gives you a power punch like no other when it comes to cholesterol busting! Its higher in natural caffeine and contains an amino acid called L-theanine. Both of these compounds help you to feel more focused, alert, and maintain regular balanced energy. Sometimes the benefits of matcha even get bought in to weight-loss claims, but don’t be fooled – you need to put in the work too! The only real way matcha will help you lose weight is by drinking it in place of soda, squash, processed juices, and energy drinks. Sugars and sweeteners are the biggest source of added calories in the westernised diet, so adding matcha to your green smoothie in the morning is the best swap you could imagine!

Chia seeds

are a naturally gluten-free source of fibre and protein that that you can keep in your cupboard for at least 4 years and use daily! If you want to help keep your cholesterol at bay and feel amazing – (plus never be constipated, have great skin and great brain power – what’s not to love!!) I would highly recommend a tablespoon of these black beauties per day - Forever more! While any and all seeds are great for your health, chia seeds provide antioxidants and up to 30% of your daily value for magnesium in a 1-ounce serving. Add them to smoothies and soups or sprinkle on your breakfast!

Flax seeds

are less crunchy than chia and are a fantastic plant-based omega 3. They are linked with improved cognition and brain function, plus helping to balance those all-important hormones. Flax can also help lower your LDL or "bad" cholesterol levels while increasing HDL or "good" cholesterol. The combo of fat, fibre, and plant-powered protein makes whatever you're cooking more filling, nutritious and adds a nutty taste. Try flax in breakfast cereal, on top of yogurt, or sprinkled on roasted vegetables.


One of my favourites to include daily! Ginger contains a staggering number of antioxidants that can help reduce cell damage over time and may stop a biochemical process that initiates inflammation. Use powdered ginger when cooking or take a warming cup of ginger tea after a big meal. Helping with everything from digestion to infection, this powdered superfood is not one to be missed off the list!