If you want to be as strong as a Gorilla - you've got to eat like one!

We have all heard about enzymes, but do we know what they are and what an important role they play in our wellbeing?

All these amazing activities are going on in our bodies every millisecond of the day and we don’t even notice!

Enzymes are one of the most interesting and important substances found in Nature. Enzymes make activities possible within each 100 trillion cells in our bodies. They are the special ingredient added to allow growth, repair and stabilization within our cells. They are proteins that are organic and they work like lightening in our bodies to make things happen. Over 3,000 different types of these catalysts have been discovered and identified within our systems and they all have a specific job to do. An alkaline body is the best and most efficient conditions for these little sparks of life to work their magic!

If you look up enzymes in a dictionary or internet you will get a lot of scientific blurb. However, all we really need to know is that they play a crucial role in all our chemical processes within the body, including digesting food, transmitting nerve impulses and making our muscles work. If you think about it, that’s just about every function we do from blinking, thinking, chewing and pooing!

It is my belief, and many others who have studied this subject for years, that we are all born with a certain constitution. In the same way we are all born into a variety of families, backgrounds, wealth and health. We are all born with a certain amount of enzymes and some naturally have more than others. However we ALL have a limited pot!

Think of it as a bank account that we have a million pounds in and throughout your life you start to draw cash without putting any back. As we get older, our cash starts to dwindle, and particularly quickly when we consume what is thought of as the modern, westernized (acidic) diet such as coffee, milk, tea, chocolate bars, sandwiches, biscuits, processed foods, cooked to a frazzle foods, and the list goes on!

The reason we start to become depleted in these enzymes is because these types of foods contain no enzymes at all. So in a way we are robbing our own bank accounts from our life giving enzymes by eating such foods and depleting our systems. Enzymes can only be replenished when we eat raw, living foods which massively aid digestion, which in turn allows us to absorb all the nutrients that we need for the optimum functioning of our delicate, but amazing systems.

Enzymes literally are the spark of life that keeps you alive! It governs every single function that happens in your body, and every cell needs nurturing and looking after on a daily basis. If you actually stop to think of all the functions we are required to do in a day its quite mind blowing!

So, what are the main reasons for eating living foods such as sprouted seeds, raw broccoli and seaweed?

1. The Nutrient value is at its highest when a food is in its natural state.

2. It helps to replenish those all-important enzymes that are VITAL to keep you alive! It is putting money back in the bank account.

When we eat and drink junk food, it is depleting the account, so as you get older it becomes more apparent to look after yourself better. Perhaps that’s why we can’t quite bounce back so quickly after a drinking session anymore, or why we feel groggy after a session of pizzas, followed by chocolate. Our enzymes are not able to function so well if we eat such acid forming foods. That’s a fact.

It's quite simple really when you think about it. Gorillas in the wild are big and strong and energetic. Why? They eat their greens…..uncooked!

Everything in nature is so clever. Raw green vegetables are the most concentrated source of Nutrition in any food, containing a high amount of minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium. They contain vitamins such as K, C, E and B and phytonutrients that protect our cells from pollution, toxins and damage.

I know eating raw doesn’t appeal to everyone, but its an interesting topic of conversation and one which is worth investigating further if you are new to the concept.

So, when your granny said “Eat your Greens”, I think she knew what she was talking about!