How to keep healthy through a cancer diagnosis

I have experienced many clients now with cancer diagnoses. It's always a tough one to deal with, mainly because there are so many emotions attached to the disease.

When it comes to cancer treatment, I do not think one size fits all in the medical world or in the ‘alternative’ or ‘natural therapy’.

The best advice I can give for when the going gets tough, is firstly to take a deep breath and take a gigantic step back from everyone and everything. Breathing helps you to relax and get your thoughts in order as there will be endless ideas, advice, theories and even some bullying thrown your way. Not only is your breathing great to calm the mind but it's your pathway to listening to your own intuition.

Remember this is about what is best for YOU!

When you are in any prolonged flight or fight mode (an anxious state), it's very hard to make decisions and is easy to get confused, anxious and exhausted. This is not going to help you one bit, as its these decisions that you make that are going to affect the way you feel about the diagnosis, the help you encounter to get you the right treatment for you, and ultimately how you get well.

Many people, professionals, friends and family mean well. However, if you always believe what you hear, it could take you to the wrong place; mentally and physically. Get second, third, forth etc opinions if you need the; you are well within your rights. Seek and you shall find!

Get the person/specialist/doctor that you connect with the most, and that you have faith and trust in, talk you through the treatment that they are offering you. Whatever your disease is, you deserve the best treatment for you.

Does your oncologist have all the latest research on your particular disease?

Are they able to tap into a network of specialists that can discuss your case?

Are they aware of not only traditional medical treatments that may help you, but possibly alternative and natural clinics that may make your whole experience better if this is what you want?

You see, from my experience with clients, just having one doctor is not enough. You need to build yourself an integrated team so you treat your body as a whole, and that includes your emotions too. Not to mention boosting your immune system, helping reduce stress, aiding your sleep and reducing your inflammation.

In a nutshell, to do this you will need to EMBRACE plants!

Green beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, sea vegetables, low glycemic fruits and as many green leaves as you can get in the form of kale, cabbage, rocket, watercress, chard etc etc. Override inflammatory causing foods such as dairy, animal produce, anything processed, sugar (natural and artificial), wheat, and make sure that each and everything you eat has a cancer fighting purpose.

Make plants your main dish…and everything else a condiment!

Avoid shop bought juices. The only ones that are going to heal you now are the ones you make yourself with fresh fruits and veggies. My basic ratio is 3:1 - three veggies to one low glycemic fruit. Don't forget about adding fresh ginger as it has a great protection for your immunity and helps with your digestion. These are two vital factors for staying well.

Lemon or lime too adds great cleansing and is alkalising with very little sugar. Juices are fantastic at keeping your energy high, they are extremely hydrating and medicinal, and they keep your bowel movements regular which helps to keep your system flowing properly.

Many of the chemicals found in personal care products such as shampoos, skin moisturisers, perfumes, make up, deodorants have been linked to increased risk of cancers, infertility, birth defects, hormone disruptions. Considering that the average person uses nine different products in any one day, it's not surprising that they are causing havoc. The same is true for household cleaning products. This is a whole different subject on its own but one you need to take seriously if you wish to stay well.

Cancer is such a massive topic, and one which I will cover more in the future, but the one thing I know to be certain when it comes to this disease, is that a sedentary lifestyle is actually dangerous.

It is important to rest, of course, but lack of exercise speeds up muscle wasting, weakens your endurance, and creates more fatigue and toxic overload in your body.

Your body needs to move in order to stay strong.

Exercise reduces inflammation and growth stimulators such as oestrogen, insulin, and short bursts of exercise can have impressive results on your health. You don't need any fancy equipment or classes necessarily. Just get out of your chair and commit to some form of moderate exercise on a DAILY basis. You body needs you to move every day to get oxygen into your health giving beautiful cells.

The important thing to remember with any cancer treatment is that you are looking after the healthy cells too in order to stay strong and fighting fit.